Lady Gaga's 'Monster Ball' Tour Opens With A Tumble

The stage is typically a safe place for performers, as it tends to be the only time they are in the public eye on their own terms with a familiar group of people executing everything the right way. However, lately it seems like the mid-song spotlight has been pretty treacherous. Last week, Adam Lambert slipped up in the midst of his controversial performance of "For Your Entertainment" on the American Music Awards. During the same show, Jennifer Lopez lost her footing during her live rendition of "Louboutins." Meanwhile, Justin Bieber's misstep on stage in London lead to a fractured foot and a cast on his leg.

Even the always-put-together Lady Gaga wasn't immune to a lack of traction. Her "Monster Ball" tour kicked off in Montreal last night (November 29), and as promised, it was a fantastically theatrical, over-the-top production that featured incredible costumes (including one outfit made entirely out of firearms) and muscular dancing. But at the beginning of "Teeth" (the excellent, tough final track on the new EP The Fame Monster), Gaga fell into formation with her dancers ... and then fell down. Since she's a consummate professional, so she got right back up and picked up the choreography where she left off.

"The Monster Ball" — which also features opening sets by Kid Cudi and Jason DeRulo — continues tomorrow night (December 1) in Boston and will keep her on the road until the end of January. After that, "The Monster Ball" goes international, as she will take the tour to the U.K., Australia and Japan.