Thanksgiving Day Parade Headlined By Boys Like Girls, The Roots

Most Thanksgiving traditions involve food, and the rest all involve television. There is always football on, the evening inevitably ends up centered around the worst movie you can find and the morning always starts with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Every year, there is always a heavy emphasis on music from marching bands, Broadway stars and rock groups alike, and this year's is no different. While they will probably never reach the apex they hit at last year's parade (which featured an appearance by Rick Astley, possibly the greatest Rickroll in history), there are still plenty of opportunities for music to shine on Turkey Day.

Perhaps the most notable act at event is Boys Like Girls, who will perform their new single "Two is Better Than One" during the parade. That particular tune features a guest vocal by none other than Taylor Swift, who is not scheduled to be in New York that day, though her drop-in would be an especially ratings-friendly surprise. Boys Like Girls are currently on tour with Cobra Starship, but after getting national exposure on one of the bigger television events of the year, look for them to break out big soon.

The other big guest appearance will be Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, who will be rolling on a float and (theoretically) kicking up some Thanksgiving jams. (Who doesn't want to hear how Black Thought freestyles on topics like "cranberry sauce" and "tryptophan"?) Again, hopefully Fallon will grab a little more attention for his excellent late-night show, which is worth tuning into if only to see the Roots play every night of the work week.

The rest of the lineup is typically eclectic, featuring Andrea Bocelli, Gloria Gaynor, Katharine McPhee, Jay Sean, Ziggy Marley and, of course, Kermit the Frog.