Matt And Kim Bring Jubilation, Nudity To The Woodie Awards

Though Kings of Leon scored the prize for Woodie of the Year at the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards, the most popular kids in the room were most certainly bubbly Brooklynites Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, better known to the music world as Matt and Kim. They stirred up a tremendous amount of fervor during their performance of "Lessons Learned," which opened up the show and featured Kim stage diving and a group of backup singers who gradually stripped down to their underwear as the song rolled on.

The performance was a nod to the video for "Lessons Learned," which features the pair running around nude in Times Square — a clip that took home the Woodie for Best Video. What with all the baring of skin in Matt and Kim's idiom, they must be naked all the time, right?

Not so, or so they told MTV backstage at the show. "I only want to get naked in my house," Schifino told MTV's Kim Stolz.

That statement was quickly rebuffed by Johnson. "That is not true," he said. "We have been to a lake in Vermont in the middle of nowhere, and Kim's like, 'I really want to take this top off!'"

The pair then revealed that Schifino even experimented with augmenting her assets at the show, but ultimately decided not to. "I almost wore this padded push-up bra," she explained. "It was too weird."

Really, her wardrobe choice was somewhat irrelevant, as nobody will remember what she wore (or didn't wear) to the Woodie Awards (which air Friday, December 4 at 10 p.m. on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU). But everybody will remember Schifino's raucous performance (as well as her pixelated buttocks).