Heidi Montag Reveals Her Superficial Album Cover

"The Hills" star and aspiring pop star Heidi Montag is back with more new music. She already revealed her "Body Language" at the Miss Universe pageant a few months back, and now she's feeding into the stereotype by mockingly titling her official debut album, aptly titled Superficial.

Dressed in a strapless, polka-dotted leotard (what pop singer isn't wearing leotards these days?) in front of a wall of cassettes, the singer plans to release the album on January 12. "This cover is a shout out to the '80s," she told People. "It makes you remember when you just had to run out to the record store and get your favorite album."

Liz Ciganovich, who worked with Montag on the album as its production and art director, said the photo is an homage to mixtapes. "I thought, 'Let's do a shot that says '80s — lets pay homage to the mix tape!'" she said. "The hunt was on. I believe I purchased every tape in Los Angeles!"

If you think that Heidi is just using her fame to cash in with her pop music, think again. Her sister-in-law, Stephanie Pratt, reveals that she's always wanted to be a famous singer. "When I first met her, she said she wanted to be a pop star, and this was like three years ago," she said. "Who really can be a pop star unless you've been singing and dancing forever?"