Kris Allen On Twitter, Brazilian Food And His Height: The Outtakes!

Kris Allen is seriously funny. He didn't really get a chance to show off his sparkling wit while on "American Idol." It's not the forum for that. (See Danny Gokey's unintentionally vicious Matt Giraud impression for proof.)

So anytime the "Idol" winner stops by for an interview, I try my best to get Kris' snarky side to come out to play. Doing press is never fun for a celeb. (Imagine being asked the same three questions 80 times in one day.) Why not shake things up with a few offbeat topics or a quip about Brazilian cuisine? Kris appreciates the variety, and I appreciate the laughs he sends in my direction.

In our previous interviews, Kris wasn't allowed to share much information (the 19 Entertainment folks keep their talent on a leash tighter than the ones Adam Lambert uses on his backup dancers). They left us with no choice but to goof around during our interview.

But with his self-titled album now in stores he's finally allowed to gab. And boy did he! (Have you watched our in-depth interview yet?) Luckily for Krim fans, that didn't keep us from joking around with each other.

Here's nearly six minutes of random leftovers the fans have demanded to see. Find out how Kris Allen feels about his mom's Twitter habits, what superhero power he wishes he had and which Alaskan troubadour he's looking to for career advice.