'New Moon' Star Taylor Lautner Is Popular In Brazil: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"We were told before we went that our Brazilian fans might be more enthusiastic than normal. One day Kristen [Stewart] and I, we were doing interviews on the second floor, and all of a sudden our security guards rush in and lock the doors all around us. And they come up to us and they're very calm and they go, 'Two thousand girls just rushed the hotel lobby. They got past hotel security, and somehow they know you're up in this room and they're on their way up right now.' That's the only time I have ever felt in danger. They started shaking the doors."

-"New Moon" star Taylor Lautner, whose shirtless appeal as Jacob Black extends far beyond Forks, Washington and onto other continents. Lautner appeared last night on "The Tonight Show" and had plenty of funny stories to tell host Conan O'Brien. For instance, he talked about how he managed to develop the skill to catch grapes in his mouth (he credits co-star Stewart), which he also demonstrated for O'Brien and his studio audience. The star also joked about his constant shirtlessness in "New Moon." "There is a scene where [Kristen Stewart] gets a cut, and there's only one way to handle a serious cut like this, and its just to rip [my shirt] off!" he laughed. "A fan actually asked me in London, 'If you could give Jacob any advice, what would it be?' And I said, 'If somebody gets cut, you don't need to take your shirt off.'" But all that shirt-doffing clearly worked for audiences, as "New Moon" took in over $142 million during its premiere weekend — good enough for the third-biggest opening of all time.