Adam Lambert's Other Options (Now That 'GMA' Is Cancelled)

Adam Lambert fans have had an exhausting 36 hours. First, they had to defend their man's salacious (and pitchy) display at the American Music Awards Sunday night. Then word spread early this morning that "Good Morning America," ABC's morning show, had pulled the plug on Lambert's upcoming appearance. (An ABC spokesperson said, "Given his controversial live performance on the AMAs, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.")

Lucky for Adam fans hoping to catch the Glittery One live in NYC, CBS stepped up immediately and announced that they will be hosting the Lambert performance on "The Early Show" tomorrow morning. Hope you like glam pop, Julie Chen!

All this back-and-forth got us thinking: If Adam Lambert did end up stuck without a high-profile gig to promote his just-released CD For Your Entertainment, here are five other media appearances we'd kill to see happen. Looking for controversy, Adam? Try one of these on for size!

Adam Lambert at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Picture this: Adam and his band rocking "If I Had You" on a giant glittery float slowly moving down Fifth Avenue, passing by creeped-out families who trekked in from New Jersey for the day. And think of the creative ways Adam could use a giant Dora the Explorer float in his act!

Adam Lambert at the NFL Halftime Show

If Adam's looking to shock, his aggressive in-your-face sexuality couldn't be a worse fit for the macho atmosphere of NFL games. Although let's be honest: The Green Bay Packers should rock out to "Strut" in their locker room. That song gets you pumped!

Adam Lambert on "Maury"

Lambert's hardcore fans claim to get pregnant from merely seeing pictures of his Glitteriness. Maury Povich could fill the audience with his most delusional followers and do paternity tests. "Glambert696969, Adam is not the father of your glambaby!" Also, something tells me Adam's "I'm not the daddy" dance is pretty fun.

Adam Lambert on "Martha"

The showdown would be epic. While showing viewers how to make their own leather-and-lace reusable diapers, Martha would give Lambert a tongue-lashing for being a "party boy." Yes please!

Adam Lambert Appears On Any Talk Show And Sounds Great

Here's a novel idea! Adam Lambert could show up for a gig and sing the way he did on "Idol!" You know, in tune! And not out of breath! At this point, a solid vocal might be the biggest shock for America yet. I want my old Adam back! You can keep the kinky stage show, Mr. Lambert. Just remember to bring your vocal chops with you next time! Sources say his pre-taped performance on "The Late Show with David Letterman" (which airs Wednesday night, November 25) was divine, so this one may actually come true.

What do you think of ABC's decision? Have you reset your DVR for CBS yet? And what other Adam media appearances — real or fictitious — are you looking forward to? Leave a comment below!