'Dancing With The Stars' Recap: Mya Wraps It Up

After weeks of missed steps and shimmy shakes, the finals of "Dancing with the Stars" are here, and as noted last week, they could not be any more anti-climatic. In fact, the general tone of last night's episode suggested that everybody involved knew that Mya was going to grapevine away with the trophy, and there wasn't anything that Donny Osmond or Kelly Osbourne could do to stop her. After each pair made their way through two dances last night (plus the ill-advised "Megamix Challenge," which made for some hilarious and meaningless television), the sentiment hasn't changed.

What's impressive about Mya's performance on the show isn't just that she's generally flawless every week, but rather that she manages to impress every time she hits the dance floor. Not everything she has done belongs in the hall of fame, but she probably could have started coasting five or six weeks ago. But she still busted out quick, confident moves that showed off her style, her skill and her looks. Honestly, if this show doesn't lead to a career resurgence for her, it's impossible to think that anything else could.

While Mya has the championship wrapped up, that's not to say that Osbourne or Osmond were slouches last night. Even though he did some of his best dancing of the season last night, Osmond still seems slightly overrated, but he's a competent dancer who certainly acts the parts he's given awfully well. Meanwhile, Osbourne's run of head-turners ended last night, as her freestyle dance stumbled badly (literally). Still, she looked infinitely better than she did in, say, episode three, so she's got nothing to be ashamed of. And she wears those silly dance costumes better than any of the three contestants left, so she's got that going for her.

Perhaps Donny Osmond will score an upset with the help of some populist opinion. But if we're going by any sort of legitimate criteria, Mya will walk away the winner without much sweat. Of course, considering she was a pretty good dancer when she showed up, maybe she shouldn't have been eligible in the first place. Next season, they shouldn't recruit any musicians, because even a little bit of rhythm gives you a leg up on people like Tom DeLay.

What do you think? Who should win "Dancing with the Stars"? And who should be on the show next season? Leave your thoughts in the comments!