Kris Allen Makes The Case For His Guitarist As The Cosmo Hottest Bachelor

Kris Allen is a natural headline-grabber: He won the last season of "American Idol," debuted an awesome video and dropped his first (and extremely well-received) album last week. He has also assembled a killer band to back him up on live shows. However, he isn't the only member of that combo who has a spotlight on him at the moment. Guitarist Cale Mills is currently in the lead in the 2009 Cosmo Bachelor Wars, which seeks to find the country's hottest single man. Mills currently leads in the voting on Cosmo's site, narrowly edging out a handful of shirtless dudes. Each of the bachelors represents their home state, with Mills repping the state of Arkansas.

When MTV News caught up with Allen on the red carpet of the Us Hot Hollywood event last week, we asked him to make the case for Mills to the rest of the Internet world and give him the last push that he needs to keep his lead and win the competition.

So why should you vote for Mills? According to Allen, it's because he is wearing a shirt and because he has a beard. His reasoning is sound, which is why you should check out the video below.