Gloriana's Path To Success: Recruit MTV Reality Star, Tour With Taylor Swift, Win American Music Award

By Rya Backer

During last night's American Music Awards, in the midst of the falls, trips and controversy, a little band we've paid little attention to won the AMA for Breakthrough Artist. Allow us to play a little catch-up with Gloriana, a group of down-to-earth guys and girls who take their music very seriously.

"We always knew. We've actually never had a normal job. We both looked at each other when we were kids and were like, 'You know, if we're gonna make it in music someday, we can never sidetrack ourselves,'" explained Tom Gossin, one half of the male quotient of Gloriana (the other half being his brother Mike). The pair set their sites on Nashville (and MySpace), where they happened upon singer Rachel Reinert. "We fell in love with her voice, so we sent her a message, and the three of us started playing in Nashville, and one night we were playing and Cheyenne heard us play."

The Cheyenne in question is Cheyanne Kimball, who had starred in an MTV reality show about the release of her first solo album. Upon seeing the band live, she "knew at that moment" that she'd join up with them. They've been together ever since, and between opening for Taylor Swift this past summer (they'll team up with her again for the second leg of her Fearless tour next March) and earning themselves an AMA, you can bet that we'll be writing about them a little more often.