Jennifer Lopez Falls And Gets Back Up Again: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"Did I trip a little bit? I don't even remember. Yeah, I meant to do that. You should know me better than that. That was part of the choreography. The measure of things is not what happens when you fall, it's how you recover when you fall. It was fun, it was really fun. It was nice to be back on stage and doing my thing."

-Singer, dancer and hot Internet trend Jennifer Lopez, speaking to Ryan Seacrest on his daily radio show about the tumble she took during her performance of "Louboutins" on Sunday night's American Music Awards. Lopez was in the middle of an elaborate dance number, which featured her climbing all over a set of male dancers. When she jumped down from the shoulders of a dancer to the stage, Lopez lost her footing and landed on her backside. She took it in stride, chuckling her way through the interview with Seacrest. The AMA performance of "Louboutins" marked the first piece of promotion for Lopez's upcoming album, which does not currently have a title and is expected to be released some time in early 2010.