MTV News' #MusicMonday: Lady Gaga, Kris Allen And The Flaming Lips

Really, you should be listening to music every day, but thanks to Twitter, Monday has become the best day of the week to discover new songs, show some love to the tune currently dominating your iPod playlist and quietly judge the listening habits of your closest friends.

Yes, it's #MusicMonday, one of Twitter's most enduring trending topic. And since we're all big fans of the site — not to mention music — we decided it was time to get in on the act, too. So, for the first time, we'd like to present "MTV News' #MusicMonday," a weekly look at the songs we're obsessing about here in the Newsroom. And given that this is our big debut, we've recruited a big-name talent to help us out: "American Idol" champ Kris Allen.

So, here's what's on our playlists right now.


Kris Allen, "American Idol" Season Eight Champion: "I might be biased, but there's a couple of songs on the new Switchfoot album that I really like. [Ed. note: Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman co-wrote a song on Allen's album.] 'The Sound' is really good. I think it's Jon Foreman's voice and the way he sings. He can sing nice, but he can also go up there and sing that rock voice, or he can scream and stuff. It's cool."

Jocelyn Vena, MTV News Pop Music Writer: "I am listening to Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance.' I just think it's really catchy. She's got that battle cry in there and it shows her growth as a pop star. It's her, but taken to a new level."

James Montgomery, MTV News Rock Editor: "I'm listening to the Flaming Lips' song 'Watching The Planets.' The video just premiered a couple of weeks ago, and it's got a bunch of naked hippies in it. It's the last song on their Embryonic album, which is one of my favorite records of the year. I really dig the harsh, lo-fi thing — it sort of reminds me of the Folk Implosion's 'Natural One.' And it's a really good ending to a really confounding and deep record. And it's got Karen O screaming on it."