Happy Birthday, Miley Cyrus: Wake-Up Video

Miley Cyrus' tour has the day off today, which is perfect timing, as it will allow her to do fully celebrate her birthday, which is today. Seventeen years ago, the singer was born Destiny Hope Cyrus (which has honestly always sounded more made up than her stage name), and in that brief period on the planet, she has managed to carve out a tiny empire that not only features her music, film and television projects but also a cosmetic line, licensed clothing and any number of other tie-ins. Not bad for the daughter of the guy who unleashed "Achy Breaky Heart" onto the world.

Of course, it's probably not all about celebration today in Cyrus' camp, as they just lost a member of their road crew to an unfortunate tour bus accident last week.

Cyrus has grabbed a number of headlines in the past year, most notably in her swearing off of Twitter for the sake of more privacy. Her music is evolving, too. The dance-rock of her Hannah Montana material has given way to a more singer-songwriter type of vibe on songs like "The Climb" and "Full Circle." Amazingly, Cyrus' audience appears to be evolving along with her, so it will be interesting to see how she deals with entering young adulthood. Based on what came through on her Twitter, it's quite possible that Cyrus could crank out this century's version of Exile in Guyville by the time she's 25.

But that's the future. For now, she can enjoy her birthday, and we can celebrate by cranking up the volume on "7 Things" and getting lost in the moment.