Adam Lambert Stumbles During Racy AMAs Performance

Amid all the sexed-up drama of Adam Lambert's performance at the American Music Awards Sunday night, viewers could be excused for missing a fairly classic wipeout during "For Your Entertainment."

In the middle of the song, as he moves from one riser to another, Lambert can be seen tripping, tumbling and rolling. But to the man's credit — we guess all that music-theater training, not to mention his months on "American Idol," paid off — he barely misses a beat.


Then again, that was just one amazing moment of his performance. He also slunk along to the song's throbbing beat and dropped the line, "Don't be afraid, I'mma hurt ya real good," while walking two scantily-clad male dancers across the stage. And then, shortly after, he grabbed another male dancer's head and thrust it into his gyrating crotch as the camera quickly cut away.

After a few more tongue-wagging yelps, a half dozen more hip-level gyrations, a back-of-the-head-grabbing kiss with a male keyboard player, some fireworks and another lung busting scream, the performance finally came to a close (no doubt to the delight of more conservative viewers everywhere). Lambert promised to MTV News last week that his AMA performance would be "sexy." It was all that, and a lot more as well.