Pretty Ricky Storm The Newsroom, Impregnate The Couch

By Chad Bullock

Do you like it clean, dirty or chopped & screwed? Take your pick, because that's how the guys of Pretty Ricky are giving it to you with their new album. The Bluestars themselves stopped by MTV News and hung out on our multi(million) purpose red couch to talk everything from their new music to who they’d appreciate a lap dance from.

Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith, Spectacular Smith, Corey "Slick 'Em" Mathis and newest member Lingerie sat down with MTV News correspondent Jim Cantiello to let us in on what they have in store for us. The super down-to-earth guys talked about the album and how the "melodies are gonna wrap around your body." The guys are hoping to make this album the comeback album of 2009 and to solidify themselves as the top hip-hop and R&B group of the year (with the help of some body-wrapping melodies, of course).

The "Grind With Me" singers/rappers also schooled us on how to turn our red couch into a lovemaking device. In fact, they made the couch pregnant. And yes, Jim Cantiello got in on the action.

The group discussed other things, including current social issues and what things would be like if they ran the country. They talked about the awesomeness of Twitter and we all became Twitter friends.

Their self-titled new album was just released this week and their new single is "Say a Command." And in case you were still wondering: R&B singer Ciara is who they would appreciate a lap dance from.