Vivian Girls Get Their Nails Did On A ‘First Date’

By Steven Roberts

As my colleague Rya explained in the previous installment of “First Date,” we started this project with the idea that we would go on dates with musicians we really liked. Working at MTV News is cool, but it leaves you with very little time for a proper social life. You see your co-workers more than your family, and you constantly have to cancel on your friends (not to mention on actual dates). And if you like high-maintenance, artistic girls, forget about it. They need constant attention that you just can’t provide after a day of writing, shooting and editing. Then they got their own thing going on and … well, enough about me.

For my first “First Date,” I decided to take out one of the best all-female low-fi noise surf trios out there. Vivian Girls are an indie outfit from Brooklyn, consisting of Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy (not her government) and Ali Koehler. They crank out a brand of fuzzy rock that doesn’t skimp on noise but keeps a deep groove going, putting them right at home alongside contemporaries like Titus Andronicus, Crystal Stilts and No Age. Their self-titled debut earned them a devoted, enthusiastic following, and their newest album Everything Goes Wrong expanded on their already highly-evolved sound, adding hints of shoegaze and even more reckless abandon.

So where does one take a lo-fi/surfer-punk/Brooklyn warehouse band? To grab a pedicure, naturally. Our crew met them at Enigma Nail & Spa in the Fashion District, and they were the sweetest girls. They were a little shy, and we might have come from two different worlds — I’m more hip-hop and R&B guy — but that’s to be expected on a first date. They were definitely excited about a relaxing day at the spa, especially having played the night before. This was my first pedicure, and mein gott! I had no idea what I was missing.


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