Liam Gallagher Has A New (Old) Band With No Name

Earlier this year, something inevitable happened: Oasis was finally torn asunder. Noel Gallagher and his brother Liam, who made up the core of one of the biggest bands in the history of England, had always had a contentious relationship, often squabbling in public and undercutting each other in interviews. They managed to survive through seven studio albums, a handful of genuine worldwide hits (including “Wonderwall” and “Live Forever”) and more than a few drug problems. Now that Noel has left to pursue other interests, Liam announced that he will continue performing with the remainder of the band. Noel’s future remains uncertain, though there are so many former members of Oasis that he could still recruit a band and reasonably call it “Oasis.”

The name will be free, because Liam announced that his new old band would not be using it. But what will this new project be called? Liam hasn’t announced anything yet, but here are a few suggestions.

Better Than Ali: The Gallaghers always declared themselves as the greatest band in the world, but at this point one of them should declare himself the greatest single performer in the world, surpassing James Brown, Sir Laurence Olivier and Muhammad Ali.

No Way Sis: This is actually the name of an excellent Oasis cover band, but they would certainly give the name up to their heroes, right?

Boring and Ugly: That’s what Liam once called Radiohead fans. Since the singer always needed a good feud to keep him going, why not take aim directly at the group that supplanted them as one of the U.K.’s most beloved acts?

Liam & the Blokes: Because nobody ever cared about anybody in that band not named Gallagher anyway.

The Beatles: They might as well, right?

What do you think? What should Liam name the band? Leave your thoughts in the comments!