Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, Kanye West And Justin Bieber: This Week's Deep Cuts

Another week has come to a close here in the MTV Newsroom, and it's been an especially busy one. We saw some fascinating video premieres, a few great album previews, some hilarious interviews and at least one modeling lesson for one of our staffers. Before you hit the town to sing karaoke or go to a screening of "2012" (because the stupid Adirondack Mountains have had it coming to them for a while), check out everything you might have missed this week.

» This week was all about Taylor Swift. She brought big laughs on "Saturday Night Live," and then swept the CMA Awards. And just for good measure, producer Butch Walker paid her a tribute with a cover of "You Belong With Me."

» Kanye West probably didn't like this year's CMA Awards broadcast, but he can take solace in the fact that he would make the ideal Super Bowl performer.

» Veteran rock band Aerosmith threatened to come apart at the seams several times this week, so we provided a few helpful suggestions for possible Steven Tyler replacements.

» Looking to find some old, inexpensive music this weekend? Try some semi-forgotten albums from Air and the Strokes, as featured in the new edition of "Bargain Spins."

» New music from two "American Idol" artists got the preview treatment from Jim Cantiello, who really liked Kris Allen's self-titled debut but thought that Allison Iraheta's forthcoming record was a little less promising.

» Lady Gaga premiered her new video for "Bad Romance," which featured crazy costumes, nudity, special effects and lots of fire.

» Chris Brown also premiered his new video (for "Crawl"). Fan reaction was mixed.

» "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" hit the streets, keeping legions of warfare fans indoors this weekend. We provided the soundtrack, which included plenty of Slayer.

» Shakira came by the Newsroom with a new hair style, which inspired us to look back on her ever-evolving sense of self-expression.

» Former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale played a vampire-obsessed rock star on this week's "Criminal Minds." (Spoiler: He wasn't really a vampire.)

» And speaking of vampires, Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean is a huge fan of "Twilight."

» Britney Spears took her Circus tour to Australia. She caught a little flack but still enjoyed the sunshine.

» You know that fantasy collaboration between Diddy and Justin Bieber? That's totally happening.

» One thing we did learn about Rihanna this week? She's very particular about her Cheetos.

» Finally, keep warding off evil by continue warding off bad luck by watching the Friday the 13th video playlist before it's too late!