Chris Brown Fans React To 'Crawl' Video

By Rya Backer

On Friday morning, Chris Brown's new video for "Crawl," the second single to get the video treatment from his upcoming release Graffiti, made its debut. The clip, which depicts a bespectacled Brown singing about how people need to crawl back to love, also features shaven-head sensation Cassie as Brown’s love interest. The ballad is at least a little bit about Rihanna, and the video seems to make references to her and their relationship.

We took to the streets of Times Square to see what people thought of Brown's latest foray into short film. Reactions to the song and the video were mixed.

"It was a decent song. After everything that's gone on, it's kind of hard to support him," explained Lindsay, a student in town from Kentucky.

"I think it sounded fine," added her friend Katie. "But I don't know, I think it was a kind of failed attempt to tell everyone he's really sorry. I don't think it really did anything for me."

Former Chris Brown obsessive Alysia said, "You could see that there's a lot of Rihanna inferences in there. But after you do something like that, I don't think you can regain the public's trust."

However, Brown has fans in Chiquita and Terell, who both expressed their support for the single. Chiquita thought that the video was "really nice," and Terell said "It seemed like a nice concept. He shouldn't fall back after all that happened with him and Rihanna and all that, so it's just good to see him out again."


What do you think? Is "Crawl" a keeper? Leave your thoughts in the comments!