Kanye West Should Play The Super Bowl, Not The Who

Though it's still just a rumor, Sports Illustrated is reporting that it's likely that the Who will perform at Super Bowl XLIV, which will be held in Miami on February 7, 2010. The classic British rock band — which consists of guitarist Pete Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey, the only two members who are still alive — would be playing their first show in North America in two years and would continue the recent tradition of featuring older legends during the most-watched television broadcast of the year. The past few years have included Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Prince, the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

Some would say that these acts are a great coup for the NFL and the networks who broadcast the big game (the honor this year goes to CBS), but it seems like they may be in a bit of a rut. Plus, they're going to run out of classic bands pretty soon (assuming they don't want to dip into any one well a second time). Unless they can convince Led Zeppelin to do it (and odds are against that), there aren't many left who could qualify.

Which is why the producers of the Super Bowl halftime show should switch up their approach. The Who are excellent (it's hard to argue with the band that brought the world "Baba O'Riley"), but the halftime show could use some new blood. But they also need a storyline and an opportunity.

That's why Kanye West should play the Super Bowl halftime show.

Think about it: He's one of the biggest young stars in music. He's got a parade of TV-friendly hits. He could invited any number of artists out on stage with him. His performances are visually interesting. Plus, it would be a fitting end to his current storyline. America loves a good comeback, and what better place to re-emerge in the public eye than at a distinctly American event like the Super Bowl? West could even invite Taylor Swift along to interrupt his performance, just to bring it full circle and completely bury the "Kanye West Interrupts" meme forever.

So get on it, NFL. Tell Townshend and Daltrey that they'll have to wait until next year, because this year belongs to Mr. West. And if Kanye says no, you're still in Miami, which is full of artists who can reflect the spirit of the city and the event better than the Who. Rick Ross and Jennifer Lopez are probably both available.

What do you think? Who should perform at the Super Bowl in 2010? Leave your thoughts in the comments!