Jordan Knight Says His Rag Doll Was The Weirdest Piece Of New Kids Merchandise

The New Kids on the Block were on every kind of merchandise you could possibly imagine: Posters, bedspreads, T-shirts, PJs, lunchboxes, watches, backpacks, books, magazines and, of course, dolls.

In my youth, I had the Jordan Knight-approved Ken doll, complete with rat tail and microphone for when you wanted to have him sing to you while listening to a cassette of some of the most choice NKOTB songs. (In case you're wondering, "Tonight," "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" are all primo tunes.)

Anyway, as it turns out there were also rag dolls of the guys. I wasn't too familiar with them, so I played along. But it seems that Jordan doesn't really care for those dolls. In fact, he thinks they are kind of strange.


"The weirdest thing? Well there's these dolls that don’t even look like us. They were supposedly us. Mine had a rat tail. They were rag dolls," he said before clarifying that he's not talking about my Ken doll. That Ken doll was cool!

"No, the Ken doll was cool," he explained, much to my relief. "We had the Raggedy Ann kind of dolls out too and they looked nothing like us. [Yeah the other doll] kind of [looked like me]. It's a Ken doll."

Fair enough. Either way, Jordan, you're still a doll!