Beyoncé's Thanksgiving Special: On Stage And Behind The Scenes

Thanksgiving night is usually reserved for spiraling deep into a food coma while watching "Home Alone," but this year there will be an alternative to that. ABC is airing a special called "Beyoncé: I Am ... Yours" on Thanksgiving night at 9 p.m. The show will be made up primarily of a performance from her "I Am" tour (in particular, a show at the Wynn in Las Vegas), but also promises to feature behind-the-scenes footage and a rarely-seen look into her professional life on the road.

The first teaser ad just appeared online, and it looks like it will be worth fighting back the inevitable Tryptophan-induced psychosis to stay up and watch. The special promises to show the audience a side of Beyoncé that we've never seen, and it may just live up to that hype. There is footage of her in rehearsals, overseeing production and, in one especially telling scene, she tells somebody "it's good, it's all right, but it ain't great." There's plenty of footage of Beyoncé having fun as well, and it seems as though her production team and tour group seem to get along awfully well. As a bonus, it even looks like the special will offer up home movie footage of a very young Beyoncé dancing in the family living room.

All told, it looks like it will be a rare peek behind the curtain of the Beyoncé touring machine, and it'll be an entertaining way to help digestion on Thanksgiving night.