Rihanna's Rider Reveals Penchant For Buffalo Wings, Turkey Sausage

Though it may seem glamorous to the people in the crowd, the life of a musician on tour is generally exhausting and taxing. Sure, there's travel to exotic places, but the star usually only gets to see the inside of a hotel room and the backstage area of a venue. Most of life on the road involves simply getting from one place to another, with the comforts of home completely absent. That's why tour riders have to be so incredibly specific: If you don't ask a promoter at a venue for something ahead of time, you almost certainly won't have access to it. When read out, they're typically sort of silly, and usually contain some ultra-specific things that reveal something about the artist in question (though in the case of Van Halen — who notoriously demanded that all of the brown M&Ms be removed from their candy bowls — the details were slipped in there just to make sure everybody was reading the thing).

Rihanna's rider, which found its way online via the Smoking Gun, contains a handful of charming notes. In addition to the normal supplies needed by most singers (hot tea, honey, boxes of Throat Coat tea), her food demands include two dozen hot wings in addition to a whole roasted chicken with jerk spices. The rider also requests boxes of Frosted Flakes and Golden Grahams, a particular flavor of Cheetos and blueberry-scented candles.

Even more interesting are the strange turns of phrase contained in the rider. In the section dealing with drinks, it asks for "6 small bottles of flip top cap/ sports cap style bottles of water to be given to Beth ... She will use these for her own purposes," which sounds sort of ominous. And an all-caps note at the bottom of a page reads "we may ask for hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon and turkey sausage at any time throughout the day." So when you're on tour with Rihanna, a healthy breakfast could strike at any time.