Wale Tweets Secrets About Attention Deficit

Yesterday marked the release of Wale's long-awaited Attention Deficit, one of the most hotly-anticipated releases from one of the best young MCs in the hip-hop game. Wale first made a big splash on the mixtape scene and dropped instant classics like 100 Miles & Running and The Mixtape About Nothing (which was based mainly around samples from "Seinfeld"). Though Wale's blood runs thick with the spirit of go-go, the local street music of his Washington, D.C. hometown, Attention Deficit is a live and eclectic album full of crisp, lively beats, ear-popping guest appearances and Wale's nimble rhymes.

Last night on his oft-updated Twitter feed, Wale shared a few stories about some of the best tracks on Attention Deficit. "On the train, bumpin' my album," he wrote. "I feel like telling y'all facts about Attention Deficit. Why not? There's a story behind every song." The first track he called out was the splashy "Mama Told Me." "On 'Mama Told Me,' I had something stuck in my teeth. At the beginning you can hear me making this weird noise tryin' to get it out." (Warning: Once you know that fact, that's the only think you can hear.)

A few minutes later, he added that producer Mark Ronson actually encouraged Wale to tone down the lyrics of "90210," where he skewers Paris Hilton (among others). "I admit i was too mean on that," he wrote.

Finally, he said that the album's best track almost fell by the wayside. "'Contemplate' almost didn't make the album. Jay-Z was a writer on the song sampled and we couldn't reach him until the last minute."

When MTV News talked to Wale about the album, he also shared some thoughts about the content of "Mirrors" (his collaboration with Bun B), a song he says is really fun to perform.