The Evolution Of Shakira: From Edgy Oddity To Worldwide Superstar

As anybody in the MTV Newsroom can attest, Shakira's "She Wolf" has been in constant rotation since it came into our lives a month ago. It's a brilliant piece of frothy pop with a rugged disco beat, outer space synths and Shakira's signature coo. (And, of course, her now-notorious wolf call.) The entirety of She Wolf follows suit, matching the singer's elastic, shape-shifting voice with bit pop hooks and rubbery dance beats. On a recent cover of Rolling Stone, the headline asked, "Can Shakira conquer the world?" With "She Wolf," she's well on her way.

But she didn't begin as the ubiquitous superstar that she is now. In fact, when Shakira first started making noise 10 years ago, she was almost an entirely different human being. At the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 1999, she had hair that was dyed a fiery red and wore an outfit that would not have been out of place at Lilith Fair. From there, her look constantly evolved, and she has been able to wear looks that are tough, glamorous, theatrical and downright weird with equal aplomb. Like some of the best pop stars of all time, Shakira has managed to shape-shift without ever sacrificing her core essence. No matter what version of Shakira shows up, you always know you're getting the real Shakira.

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