Green Day's 'American Idiot' Musical Closing, But May Be Broadway-Bound Soon

Green Day's 2004 album American Idiot was not just a grand critical and commercial success for the veteran punk trio but also a total reinvention of their outlook as well as a kickstart to the second act of their career. Recently, it became yet another point of transition for the band. "American Idiot," the musical based on the songs from the original album, opened two months ago at the Berkely Repertory Theater, and now it appears as though the play will be making its way to Broadway. According to Playbill, the November 15 closing date in Berkeley won't be the end for it, as a casting notice made public yesterday indicates that it may be hitting the Great White Way in the near future.

However, at the moment there is neither a time frame established nor a theater booked. "There is a Broadway future for the show," spokesman Michael Hartman said. "But at this time no dates or theater are confirmed."

"American Idiot" tells the story of a character named Johnny (also called Jesus of Surburbia) who lives in the fictional Jungletown, U.S.A. and escapes to the city to hustle, take drugs and chase the woman of his dreams. It features all of the songs from American Idiot as well as a handful of tunes from 21st Century Breakdown and some rarer cuts (including the never-released "When It's Time").

The show, produced by the same team that brought "Spring Awakening" to Broadway (and won the Tony for Best Musical), is the most successful production in Berkely Repertory's history.