'Dancing With The Stars' Results: Aaron Carter Spins Out

''You're an inspiration to all young people that anything is possible. If you were my son I would be so proud of you.'' That's what "Dancing with the Stars" judge Len Goodman said to Aaron Carter at the end of last night's episode, ending the pop star's run on this season's championship. While Carter always seemed to be working slightly beneath his potential, he tended to play the role of whipping boy and the judges seemed to be extra hard on him. On balance, he was always a little underrated.

This week's episodes were wildly entertaining and saw Mya shake her way to the season's first perfect score. Carter always seemed like he could play spoiler, but now that he's gone, this competition is hers to lose. In fact, there isn't even really a viable challenger, as while Donny Osmond, Joanna Krupa and Kelly Osbourne are all excellent, they're totally the B team. In fact, this week's scores reflected as such: With her perfect score, Mya finished with a total of 59, and Krupa stood in a distant second place with 52.

Susan Boyle made an appearance on last night's results show to belt out "I Dreamed a Dream," the song that made her famous and the title track to her forthcoming album. She was in excellent voice and sounded strong, though the interpretive dance that accompanied it was just sort of odd. It must be extremely difficult to come up with so much choreography every week, but considering what a big name Boyle is, that accompaniment seemed a little phoned in.

The show rolls on next week, though they might as well just give the prize to Mya and make the show about who is the best of the other three competitors. Osmond continues to be overrated, but the real surge has come from Osbourne, who seems to have a real competitive fire in her. When the show started two months ago, it seemed like she was destined for an early exit. But she managed to survive the doubts of the public, the opinions of the judges and injuries to become the season's best story.