Robert Pattinson Thinks Edward Cullen Is Sort Of A Jerk: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"One of the main things I felt [while filming the breakup scene] was what fans think of Bella and Edward's relationship, what that represents to them as the ideal relationship. You're breaking up the ideal relationship. I felt a lot of the weight behind that ... you could really feel the audience watching as you're doing it."

-"New Moon" star and international heartthrob Robert Pattinson, discussing the difficulty in trying to keep his character heroic while breaking up a relationship that the audience clearly doesn't want to see dissolved. In an interview with MTV News' Larry Carroll, Pattinson admitted that Edward Cullen, the undead object of affection in the "Twilight" series, could be considered something of a jerk. Not only that, but he's something of a stalker. "I guess that's what the story is about in 'New Moon'," Pattinson said. "I love Charlie — Bella's dad's — attitude toward Edward in this one; he never gives him a break about anything, he's just constantly saying, 'That guy. He's just terrible for you.'" Why doesn't he just leave that up to the proper authorities? "I guess the restraining order wouldn't really be very good for anyone," he joked. "But [Bella] could use a restraining order. I think if [Edward] wasn't a vampire, and this was in reality, a girl's parents would think he was an oddball."