Dane Cook Collaborating With Tommy Lee On New Album

Dane Cook is excited about making some new music. A few years back he had a sleeper hit with his song "I'll Never Be You," and now the comedian (who is currently on tour and who loves frightening unsuspecting individuals) is poised to get Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee on board for his next contribution to the music world.

"I am actually collaborating with Tommy Lee," he revealed to MTV News. "I used to love Mötley Crüe growing up and he's a big fan of mine. I called him the other day and I said 'Would you collaborate on this thing that I put together?'"

And after Tommy used many curse words (we assume out of excitement), he agreed to come on board and work with Cook. "It's actually very different than anything he's done before," he said. "He's a sensational drummer. I would say this is a little bit in the Jack Johnson vein, a little bit funky, a little jazzy."


Of course, until the new music hits your local record store, Cook will be busy trying to convince the world that just because he's a comedian doesn't mean he can't make music.

"I love music. I've played guitar since i was a kid. It's pretty tricky when you're a comedian to make the transition. It's pretty tricky to release stuff that's non-comedic. When you're primarily known as a comedian, it's sometimes tough to go outside that box and be taken seriously, especially in music," he said. "So I don’t really promote them. I kind of sneak them out."