Them Crooked Vultures Stream Their Entire Album

By Joel Hanek

In the event of a world-ending nuclear disaster, I'm pretty sure the only remaining creatures on earth will be cockroaches and the members of Them Crooked Vultures. This rock supergroup — comprised of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Queens of the Stone Age singer/guitarist Josh Homme and legendary Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones — have survived decades of musical waves where tracks with guitars have weaned in relevancy.

Since the band announced its existence a mere six months ago, fans have been waiting in anticipation to get their hands on some music. Unfortunately, the only place to hear any Them Crooked Vultures songs were either going to one of the few live shows or by enduring a tinny camera-phone bootleg. Now fans can finally get their fix. After releasing an album track on iTunes last week for free, the band has put their entire album up for stream on YouTube.

After listening to the 13 tracks on the record, it's hard not draw comparisons to the members other projects. While Josh Homme steps up for lead vocals, many of the TCV songs lean to a more amped-up blues than the stoner-rock vibe of Queens of the Stone Age. Some songs have an inescapable QOTSA feel to them though, especially the sedated "Interlude with Ludes."

Fans of Dave Grohl will get the best of both worlds. Grohl returns behind the drum kit but also lends his backing vocals to many of the tracks, prominently featured on such tracks as "Mind Eraser, No Chaser" and "Dead End Friends."

Then there are some refreshingly unexpected tracks on the album. "Caligulove" is an organ-accented song that ventures into '60s psychedelic rock and is immediately followed by "Gunman," a distorted funky rock song that diverges into minor-soaked choruses.

The forthcoming self-titled debut will be released on November 17.