Justin Bieber And Diddy Collaborate On Cars, Girls

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Justin Bieber fans should give themselves a big pat on the back. It seems like the fan campaign, launched via Twitter, to get Diddy to collaborate with the rising pop star just got off the ground. Both Justin and Diddy tweeted a video yesterday of the two of them spending two days together. Sure, it's not the music video fans were hoping for, but it's certainly a start.

Justin tweeted, "It's official. New video. 48 HRS with Justin Bieber and Diddy." In the video, "Justin Bieber's 48 HRS with Diddy," Diddy promises the 15-year-old singer the keys to a gleaming Lamborghini as soon as he turns 16. Of course, Bieber doesn't let him off so easy.

"I mean I'm 15, you can ride in the passenger seat," he tells Diddy. "I've got my permit." Diddy doesn't take the bait, but does make another promise to the young singer.

"Then when you're 18 you get the house, you get the mansion," Diddy says (we're totally holding him to that).

Diddy added that he couldn't really disclose where they were hanging out or what they were doing (could they possibly be recording together?), but does say "It's definitely a 15-year-old's dream." The push to get Diddy to work with Bieber started right after this year's MTV Video Music Awards, where the two met for the first time. Following the show, Justin asked the music mogul via Twitter whether he wanted a song he produced and sang for his next record. Justin enlisted his fans to help get Diddy's attention with more tweets, suggesting that they make "#diddyandbieber" a trending topic.

Neither Diddy nor Bieber explicitly talk about producing any music during their 48 hours together. Instead, they hint that they've got their mind on ... other things.

"Whachya wanna do over the next 48 hours?" Diddy asks Justin in the video.

"Let's just go get some girls," Justin responds.

"A man after my heart, that's what I'm talking about," Diddy says. Well, at least they're collaborating on something.