Trailer For Lil Wayne Doc 'The Carter' Premieres Online

Back in April, Lil Wayne attempted to block the release of a documentary about him called "The Carter." The film, which features candid interviews with the rapper and followed him on the road while promoting The Carter III, contains at least one scene of Weezy mixing and sipping syrup. A judge shot down the attempt, which allowed the production company to seek distribution.

In the end, the company has chosen to distribute the DVD of "The Carter" themselves, and over the weekend a brand-new trailer premiered touting DVD pre-orders. The trailer makes "The Carter" look like an incredible piece of cinema. It catches him on stage, in the studio and behind the scenes in what looks to be a series of smoke-filled, frank conversations. In one scene, Weezy declares that he doesn't think of himself as a rock star ("I just record") and in another, he dismisses the idea of contemplating his own death.

The film's official Web site is currently taking orders for the DVD, which will ship next Tuesday, November 17. It seems like "The Carter" is part of a new wave of music documentaries that look to get beyond the glamor of the subjects and cut straight to the heart of their existential issues (both "The Story of Ozzy Osbourne: Wreckage of My Past" and "Lemmy: The Movie" both have a certain end-of-the-world quality). Wayne will begin his year-long jail sentence in February, but along with the boatload of music he will certainly leave behind, we'll have the unhinged version of Wayne in "The Carter" to keep us company.