Jay-Z: Basketball Flip-Flopper

It's probably an obvious thing to say, but it's good to be Jay-Z. The rapper/business mogul/pop icon has spent the past few months putting out one of the best albums of his career in The Blueprint 3, embarked on a successful tour, did a duet with U2 at the MTV Europe Music Awards, starred in a pair of iconic videos ("Run This Town" and "Empire State of Mind") and helped the New York Yankees win the World Series (or at least helped to celebrate their victory). Just in the past few days, he performed at the Yankees' victory parade in downtown Manhattan, took in a Knicks game with a couple of players from the team (including Alex Rodriguez) and then flew out to California for more tour dates and a stop at Sunday night's Los Angeles Lakers game against the New Orleans Hornets.

And that is where the problems begin.

There's no questioning Jigga's Yankees fandom. The guy has supported the team, rapped about players and even wears a Yankees cap on the cover of Kingdom Come. It's safe to say that if the Mets got hot next year and made a run at the World Series (this is highly unlikely), it's doubtful he would jump ship and suddenly root for the boys from Flushing.

But where does Jay-Z's basketball fandom settle? Is he a Knicks fan (because he supports his hometown), a Cavaliers fan (because he's friends with LeBron James) or a Lakers fan (because everybody is down with Kobe Bryant)? And what about the New Jersey Nets, a team that counts Hova as one of its owners. It's possible that Jigga simply counts himself as a fan of the NBA, or that as a team owner he's simply doing due diligence. But that's something of a cop-out, and the poor Knicks are unloved enough.

While Spike Lee has been a reliable celebrity Knicks fan for years, they still don't have a definitive star supporter (the way that Jack Nicholson reps for the Lakers, for example). So I ask you: Who should step up as the official musician superfan of the New York Knicks? Should they give 50 Cent a season ticket in hopes he'll bring some energy to the floor? Should they get the members of Kiss in there to literally light a fire under David Lee's backside? Let us know in the comments.