Backstreet Boys' A.J. McLean: Huge 'Twilight' Fan

Given the fact that A.J. McLean have always been the Backstreet Boy who wears eyeliner and occasionally dons shirts that sparkle in the sun (like in the "I'll Never Break Your Heart" music video), it seems pretty unsurprising that the dude loves himself some "Twilight."

His bandmate, Brian Littrell, has been going around revealing to everyone that A.J. adores the vampire-centric teen movie, so when MTV News got our grubby little hands on him, we had to hear it straight from A.J. himself about how much he adores the story of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. And in case anybody was wondering: A.J. is Team Edward.


"'New Moon' looks amazing," he told us. "I'm glad they're actually upping it and making it like more real vampire, no so much a love story. It's gonna be great. There's more werewolves in this one! It's gonna be good," he said. But despite his excitement for the werewolves, he added, "I'm Team Edward. Jacob's gotta sneak it in there."

That admission got him so good-natured ribbing, especially from Nick Carter and Littrell. But A.J., being the perfectly cool guy that he is, completely ignored them. Plus, he can always get Johnny No Name to beat them up. That guy was pretty tough.