Taylor Swift Spoofs 'Twilight' On 'SNL'

On last night's episode of "Saturday Night Live," Taylor Swift made her second appearance as a musical guest and her first ever as the host. The result was the finest episode of the long-running late-night series so far this season (which, to be fair, has been pretty uneven). Sometimes the cast will wear kid gloves around non-actors, but Swift obviously delivered on her promise on being game for anything, as she was in most every segment on the show. Rarely has a performer worked so hard, and she was rewarded for it with a handful of big laughs and torrents of applause.

As usual, the highlight of the night was the digital short, which was a trailer for a "Twilight" spoof called "Firelight." In it, Swift (in an awesomely bad Bella wig) pines over Frankenstein (who can't kiss people because he accidentally chokes them to death). Instead of a werewolf getting jealous, Swift's character is warned by a mummy. It was fantastically hilarious, especially Bill Hader's performance as the object of Swift's affection. The rest of the show was formidable, but "Firelight" will certainly live on as a classic bit of comedy that Swift can add to her constantly-growing resumé as a multi-dimensional entertainer.