Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber, Weezer And The Yankees: This Week's Deep Cuts

The first week of November is almost behind us, and while the march toward the holidays is already on, that doesn't mean the music world took any time off. In fact, the next few weeks should be quite exciting, with oodles of new music, video and tour news coming at a rapid pace. The MTV Newsroom team will be all over everything as soon as it breaks, but for now, catch yourself up on everything that you might have missed.

» Some samples of Adam Lambert's new album hit the Web, and Jim Cantiello broke down every second of them.

» The Weezer Snuggie (or "The Wuggie") is pretty incredible, though even frontman Rivers Cuomo has no idea why.

» Both Chris Brown and Rihanna talked extensively about the assault back in February. Brown sat down with Sway to talk about the aftermath while Rihanna spoke to ABC about expectations and the future.

» Justin Bieber had a busy week: He dropped a new single, announced his golden ticket contest and impressed Ellen DeGeneres during his guest spot on her talk show.

» The Bieber performance was part of a busy week for Ellen, who also spent time scaring the heck out of Taylor Swift.

» Kanye West broke his silence (sort of) when he posted a series of Muhammad Ali quotes on his blog, which read like a pretty excellent manifesto.

» You know who else likes frightening people for no good reason? Stand-up comic Dane Cook, who put the fear into MTV News correspondent Jocelyn Vena during their interview. (Luckily, Jordan Knight has Vena's back.)

» Tegan & Sara sang karaoke this week, making an excellent case for their future as a Bon Jovi cover band.

» MTV News' Rya Backer went out for pizza with Friendly Fires. Lesson learned: She needs a man with a five year plan (slackers need not apply).

» Celebrity Halloween costumes seemed a little tame this year, though we stand by the fact that Gavin Rossdale's flashback outfit was the best.

» Taylor Swift hosts and performs on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, where she'll most certainly be better than Garth Brooks.

» Max Bemis of Say Anything said his band's new album is self-titled because he's a married grown-up now.

» Ozzy Osbourne hosted a wrestling show this week, where he was treated to a man flexing his pectorals in perfect rhythm with "Crazy Train."

» Finally, the New York Yankees won the World Series in six games. They celebrated with Jay-Z, which is far cooler than the top prize in the MTV News fantasy football league.