Taylor Swift's 'Saturday Night Live' Gig: What You Can Expect

Tomorrow night, Taylor Swift will once again grace the stage at Studio 8H at Rockefeller Center when she serves as both the host and musical guest on this week's edition of "Saturday Night Live." It's familiar territory for Swift, who was last on the show back in January, making this her second appearance overall (and the second in this calendar year). Considering the cast hasn't shifted that dramatically between last season and this one, she should be comfortable and familiar with her surroundings. As her promos for this week's show — as well as the promos she cut with host Neil Patrick Harris back in January — she's perfectly comfortable with banter.


Swift wouldn't reveal very much about this weekend's show (except that nothing would be off limits), there are a few things that are almost certain to happen on Saturday night.

She'll Be In An Andy Samberg-fueled Digital Short: When the gig was announced, this was the only thing on Swift's wishlist. And she's done well in the past with experiments like this — remember her collaboration with T-Pain?

Somebody Will Interrupt Her Monologue: There's a Kanye West joke in one of the promos, but it seems impossible that there won't be an elaborate re-staging of the now-notorious VMA incident.

There Will Be At Least One More Reference To Kanye: Because if there's one thing the writers of "Saturday Night Live" do well, it's milk a joke well past its drying point.

Taylor Will Double A Regular Character: There aren't a whole lot of beloved regular characters on "Saturday Night Live" right now, but whenever a non-comedian is on the show, they usually do a sketch that includes a regular character running into a rival or family member. Perhaps Swift will have an encounter with Kristen Wiig's "Gilly"?

She'll Be A Better Double-Host Than Garth Brooks: Swift joins a tremendous collection of people who have done double duty on "SNL," including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. But one of the more disastrous episodes in the show's history was when Garth Brooks hosted along with musical guest Chris Gaines (Brooks' ill-advised alter-ego). Brooks wasn't much of a comedian, and nobody liked Gaines, so Swift doesn't have to do much to stay out of the basement.