The Cast Of 'Glee' Are Totally Not Jerks

It's always a magical thing when you meet musicians or actors you admire and they turn out to be decent human beings. (We've all heard the horror stories, am I right?) Well, I'm pleased to say that I gave the cast of the hit show "Glee" cast my "Are They Jerks?" litmus test this morning, and they passed with flying colors.

Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn) and Amber Riley (Mercedes) stopped by MTV News to talk about the brand spankin' new "Glee: Music, Volume 1" soundtrack album, which just dropped this week. We snagged them at the tail-end of an intense week-long promo whirlwind, but you'd never know we were their 700th interview, given their bright faces and genuine dispositions. (700 might be an exaggeration. Sue me.)

You'll get to see my interview with the cast soon enough. We touched on everything from Madonna to Joss Whedon to off-screen romance rumors (which the adorably cozy Cory and Lea dodged like pros). Oh, and then there was that one moment when Lea totally geeked out and begged Adam Lambert to duet with her.

So keep your eyes peeled for tons of "Glee" stories in the coming days. Plus, MTV News got its very own slushy facial from a certain someone. Confused? You won't be. Trust me — it's epic.

Special thanks to Cory for following and re-tweeting me on Twitter. Thanks to him, I scored almost 100 new Twitter followers in a matter of minutes.

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