Dane Cook Likes Scaring People

Sometimes when the mood strikes us, we ask some of our favorite celebrities to list off five things we'd be surprised to know about them. So when I spoke to Dane Cook yesterday, he seemed like the perfect candidate for that line of questioning. He was pretty down with sharing five random facts about himself.

For instance, he's "very shy." Additionally, he's "an excellent cook." Lets' also not forget this fact: "I love to iron. I iron all my own clothes. I don't like wrinkly stuff."

Oh yeah, he also really loves Celine Dion. Without any irony, either. "I listen to Celine Dion sometimes," he shared. "No [I'm not kidding]. There's a couple songs that Jim Steinman wrote that she sings incredibly."

But it's this last fact that got me in on the joke. Cook told me he likes to scare people, and I got to learn that first-hand when he scared me right there in the middle of our interview.

"I'm obsessed with scaring people. It's really like I had to do that [and scare you right there]. I had to do it. I would hide in a closet and scare total strangers for a living. If I could get paid doing it, I would quit everything and just hide in peoples closets and scare them and be like 'Where's my check?'" he said. "I've scared pilots on planes. I had a girl break up with me because I scared her too much."

Check out the scare below. It really does seem like a legitimate problem — though it's definitely a funny problem to have.