Rivers Cuomo Explains Raditude: 'It Makes You Able To Pull Off Amazing Stunts'

Weezer's new album Raditude is in stores now, and the single "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" is making big waves (it currently climbing up Billboard's rock songs chart). The album is Weezer's strongest in years, as it does an impressive job balancing the huge riffs, sweet melodies and frontman Rivers Cuomo's cheeky lyrics. Highlights include the driving "I'm Your Daddy" (which is the album's second single), the sweet "I Don't Want to Let You Go" and the jittery, pulsating "Tripping Down the Freeway."

One of the most interesting aspects of the album is the title itself. "The Office" star and Weezer pal Rainn Wilson came up with the name, but according to Cuomo, didn't provide any explanation or context for it. "He didn't say what it meant, so I've had to come up with my own definition," Cuomo told MTV News. "In my mind, 'raditude' is that state you reach when you're midway through the show, you're super-focused, and you stop thinking and stop criticizing yourself. And then suddenly you're able to pull off these amazing stunts, like a backflip or a super high note or a really fast guitar solo."

Cuomo has probably experienced a lot of raditude in the past few years, as his band has gone from a sheepish combo to an absolute arena-sized monster, able to rock thousands of people at once just like Cuomo's idols in Kiss. He said that it took him a long time to become a comfortable frontman, but now that he is able to read the crowd, it has informed both the way the band plays and the types of songs they write.

In the meantime, Cuomo knows that more people can benefit from the feeling that his album is supposed to give. "I'm sure athletes will recognize that sensation of raditude," he said. "When they're able to just plow through the defense and score a goal."