Lady Gaga Has A Nasty Cut Fastball: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I've actually been making a lot of Yankee analogies in my interviews lately because I get asked, 'Do you feel pressure? How do you feel when someone says this? Or do you feel like you have to top yourself?' I say I do feel like I have to top myself. But I feel like I'm [Mariano] Rivera. I'm a closer."

-Fashion-forward pop superstar and New York Yankees fan Lady Gaga, explaining who she relates to on the iconic baseball team. The singer sat down for an extended interview with Sway yesterday, where she touched on the new edition of her album, her collaboration with Beyoncé and a whole host of other topics. But Gaga is also a baseball fan, and she sees a lot of herself in Rivera, the Yankees' famous closing pitcher. After suffering a loss on Sunday night in Philadelphia, the World Series returns to the Bronx tonight for Game 6, where the Yanks will try to shut the door on the Phillies and cash in on their 27th championship. Standing in their way will be Phils starting pitcher Pedro Martinez, who has a longstanding rivalry with the Yanks (he famously referred to them as his "daddy" in 2004). If all goes well for New York, Rivera should be walking onto the field around midnight tonight, and if he really wants to embrace his musical equivalent, he should really ditch his normal entrance music — Metallica's "Enter Sandman" — in favor of "Paparazzi."