LMFAO Draft Their New Bikini Girl

Our long national nightmare is finally over! Forget the contentious fight in the 23rd in New York, the squeaker of a Mayor's race in the big city or ripple effects of Republican victories across the country on Tuesday … LMFAO have chosen their new Polka Dot Bikini Girl!

After what I can only imagine was an exhaustive search requiring many late night YouTube screenings, multiple secret ballots and, to be sure, drinking games involving shots ("Shots! Shots! Shots!") to determine the finest candidate, the neon-loving duo announced that the lucky winner is 21-year-old Tampa, Florida native Nikole Kristine.

The enthusiastic party girl, who is about to graduate with a B.A. in fashion merchandising and marketing, explains in her online bio that she is "ready to get the Party Rock tour poppin'! I can play all day, dance all night, get it poppin' ... and get up in the morning and do it all over again," thanks to two years of modeling and runway experience.

Was it the bikini pictures that did it? The boundless enthusiasm for getting it popping? We may never know, but Sky Blu and Redfoo said they were looking for a lady with a "classy 1940s vibe" and well ... let's put it this way: Nikole is fierce in a polka dot bikini, rocks a mean homemade paper LMFAO chain, is very limber and knows how to look elegant while doing arm curls on a workout ball. Careful what you wish for fellas!