Spotted: Rihanna Is Ready For Takeoff

Every day a multitude of stars wanders through the halls of MTV News to talk about their latest projects and goof around with our intrepid correspondents. But sometimes we catch stars elsewhere, and that's why we put together Spotted!, a daily compendium of stars in the wild.

There's something about a star in an airport that is always sort of appealing. Perhaps it's the one true thing that equalizes celebs with everybody else, because even if an actor or musician is booked in first class, that person still has to pass through security and wait by the gate until boarding. And as Rihanna showed the world yesterday, she has the same philosophy as a lot of people when it comes to flight attire, erring on the side of comfortable and casual. The singer made her way through the security checkpoint at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York yesterday, dressed in an giant gray zip hoodie and comfortable-looking jeans. It's a far cry from her usual fashion-forward outlook (and miles from the get-ups in her new video "Wait Your Turn (The Wait is Ova)"), but it's refreshing to know that she doesn't feel the need to go over-the-top all the time, especially when the unpleasantness of air travel is involved.

Rihanna wasn't the only jet-setter yesterday, as Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz made his way through Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany, on his way to the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards, and Carrie Underwood found herself in New York performing on "Good Morning America." Click here for these pictures plus the entire "Spotted!" archive, which features nearly 400 candid shots of stars like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Adam Lambert, Justin Timberlake, the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey!

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