Backstreet Boys Get Lost In Translation In New Music Video

The Killers went to Japan for their "Read My Mind" music video. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson got "Lost in Translation" for Sophia Coppola. And now the Backstreet Boys have headed to the Far East for the video for their new single, "Bigger."

The video is chock full of things that Westerners equate with Japan: Harajuku girls, karaoke, sushi, lots of flashing lights, arcades and boy bands (Japan still loves boy bands, and by definition BSB is still a boy band). The video is incredibly endearing, showing the guys laughing and goofing around with fans and each other on the streets of Japan, as well as in various restaurants and, of course, karaoke rooms.

The song is certainly a return to BSB form. The first single off This Is Us was the band's take on an R&B club banger, complete with a vampire-themed music video. "Bigger" is quite the opposite: a mid-tempo romp about being in love with a woman who might be too good for you.

But we do admit that seeing A.J. get fed Japanese cuisine by one of the aforementioned Harajuku girls was a bit odd. Then again, it is A.J. we're talking about. Plus, he makes it up by meditating later in a Japanese garden. And seeing the guys sing karaoke all while hugging their fans gives us a good idea of what it would be like to hang out with them. Plus, we wouldn't mind Nick sprawled across our lap while he sings us this tune. Wait, was that an overshare?