Leighton Meester Teases New Video For 'Somebody To Love'

Leighton Meester plays fashionista Blair Waldorf on "Gossip Girl" every week, so her image in the new video for her single, "Somebody to Love," isn't much of a stretch: Meester casts herself as love-starved, clothes-conscious, jet-setting starlet pining for gong guest Robin Thicke.

In the a sneak peek for the video, Meester sits in the back of a town car with a black newsboy cap and spangled cut-out romper, writhing around while singing about looking for love. In other scenes, a more sultry Meester sings in a club and wraps herself in the curtains of her boudoir. Let's not forget the video also has the prerequisite rolling-around-in-the-bed scenes. What is a video about love without shots of a singing starlet writhing amidst her soft sheets?

Meester recently explained to MTV News the video isn't about the glamour shots of her and Thicke. Rather, what it's really about is the clothes. "It's basically going through my day, a sexy day in my life. We start off in the car we come in I keep on fantasizing and dreaming that I'm with somebody I can love," she explained. "He kind of comes and goes he disappears. It's mostly about the clothes and the looks so that's exciting for me. I've had a lot of fun with that."


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