Spend Election Day 2009 With Pink, Young Jeezy And Ghostface

Today is Election Day, which means that the polls are open and the races for your local school board, aldermen, state representatives and the like are coming to a close with the help of good old-fashioned democracy. There are a handful of notable races happening across the country today, notably for mayor of New York City (something of a foregone conclusion) and for governor of New Jersey (a hotly-contested race) and Virginia (which everybody believes will be something of an early referendum on the job that Barack Obama has been doing). There is also a same-sex marriage law up for grabs in Maine and a civil unions law at stake in Washington (in both situations, laws have been passed but the public has the opportunity to overturn the legislation).

This election cycle obviously hasn't had the same high-profile stars as last year's presidential election (nobody is interested in writing songs for the mayor of Boston), but that doesn't mean your Election Day needs to be completely devoid of tunes. On the contrary, there are plenty of songs that engage our democratic ideals and also happen to be catchy, like Serj Tankian's "Unthinking Majority" and Pink's "Dear Mr. President." Ghostface's "Run" isn't about a campaign, but wouldn't it make an amazing motivational song for voters anyway? Anybody with a more aggro approach to today can sink their teeth into Corrosion of Conformity's "Vote with a Bullet" or (hed) pe's "Represent." And in case you just want to relive last year's historic election, bust out Young Jeezy's "My President."


What's on your voting soundtrack today? Leave your thoughts in the comments!