Ellen DeGeneres Pulls A Halloween Prank On Taylor Swift

Ellen DeGeneres spent most of the month of October pranking staffers and celebs on her show, so when Taylor Swift stopped by last Thursday (October 29), she probably should have been expecting something. But based on video evidence, the country star was caught completely off guard by the newest "American Idol" judge.

Swift followed in the footsteps of Katie Couric, Mario Lopez, Lauren Graham and David Spade, who all got a little scare from Ellen. DeGeneres showed the audience Swift's prank on Friday's episode of the show, and in the grand scheme of everyone who got pranked, Taylor definitely was the biggest scaredy cat.

The pranks all followed the same sort of formula: Ellen sent stars off to a green room where she told them there was a picture of the pair hanging up in the bathroom. Just as the celeb walked into the bathroom, Ellen popped out from behind a door to give them a fright. For the most part, people just kind of did a quick scream and laughed it off, but Taylor got truly frightened.

She got so scared of Ellen's prank that she screamed very loudly and fell to the floor. After a few seconds she composed herself, started laughing hysterically with Ellen and shared a hug with the talk show host. Ellen said it best: "Oh my god! That was the best one yet!"

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