Friendly Fires Join Us For Pizza On The Inaugural 'First Date'

By Rya Backer

A few months ago, my co-worker Steven and I had an idea: let's go on dates. Not with each other, mind you. Rather, let's go on dates with bands we like. This idea would be less feasible if we worked at "Maury," but we work at MTV News, so our nutty notion proved to be a can-do.

Then we totally forgot about the idea, but sometime in August, we decided to pursue our dream and shoot an episode, and thus, I had a pizza party with Friendly Fires. The food and conversation were both delicious, and I do hope this video leaves you feeling satiated. Also, we don't talk about music at all in this episode, but here's what you need to know: Friendly Fires sound like the best possible dance party involving guys wearing Keds. Lead singer Ed Macfarlane has an incredibly elastic voice that can reach really high, and Jack Savidge's drumming is really fast — the kind that'll make you hit your chest or your lap on the subway.

A bunch of stuff was left on the digital cutting-room floor when crafting the short clip (our "date" lasted a good 40 minutes, after all), including the revelation that guitarist Edd Gibson was also a fan of the greatest cinematic work of our time or any time (that would be "Mrs. Doubtfire"), they were pop-punkers in a past life and that the way into Savidge's heart is with a nice pair of shoes.

So, enjoy our date! We've got a couple more in the can, and can make even more if you guys like them, so please let us know what you think in the comments!


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