Spike Jonze Drops ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Mixtape, Slaps Kanye West

If you’re like me (and be glad you’re not), you were probably a bit disappointed when you went to go see Spike Jonze’s “Where the Wild Things Are” and didn’t hear any Arcade Fire songs playing behind footage of the mopey nine-foot beasties wandering around in the Outback.

Not to worry. In addition to the excellent Karen O and the Kids-fueled official soundtrack to the film, skate rat Jonze has taken a cue from recent collaborator Kanye West and cooked up a street-legal mixtape of songs he has posted on his “Wild Things”-related blog, We Love You So. The site, a Kanye-style compendium of amazing things, features instructions on how to make your own Max costume, images of “Wild Things” cakes and cookies, amazing outsider art and a great “We Were Once a Fairytale” mock outtake in which Jonze slaps ’Ye for acting like a stuck-up celebrity during the shoot.

According to the post announcing the tape, it was created as a request of the “Sound Advice” crew and curated by Jonze and collaborators Dallas Clayton, Graham Kolbeins, Molly Young and Matt Rubin. The best part? It includes snippets of the version of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” that appeared in the “Wild Things” trailer, which led many to believe that the Canadian collective would be scoring the film.

The rest of the selections are pretty much what you’d expect from the peripatetic Jonze, with plenty of selections we know and love (Girls, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Mika Miko, Jens Lekman, Times New Viking, Kurt Vile, Lee Hazelwood), and a bunch more that even we’ve never heard of (Pamela Blue, Mulatu Astatke, Green Bean, Mort Garson, Alaska Y Dinarama).

I’ll tell you this: I had never heard of Capybara before, but “The Wimp” is totally the soundtrack to my day now. Thanks, Spike.