Adam Lambert’s Album Cover Reminds Us Of The Most Insane ‘American Idol’ Covers

Adam Lambert revealed his album cover for “For Your Entertainment” and it’s as spectacularly over-the-top and jaw-dropping as his memorable “American Idol” performances. The dude is a walking water-cooler conversation. And by golly, he’s done it again.

In the Tweet that linked to the cover, Lambert wrote, “Glam is back!!!” Judging from this album art, however, I don’t know that I’d say it’s back so much as hanging out at the mall Glamour Shots kiosk. (Will this eye-catching retro look help sell albums? We’ll find out when it lands in stores November 23.)

The thing is, “American Idol” has a long history of eyebrow raising album covers. From Kelly Clarkson’s bad dye-job to David Cook’s unsettling Photoshop choices, “Idol” fans are often left puzzled by the images the artist and record labels select. Not so surprising that the CD covers are less-than-perfect considering the post “Idol” albums are often last-minute race-to-the-drop-date marathons to begin with.

So, we thought we’d have a little fun with “American Idol” contestants’ puzzling album artwork and count down the 11 most insane “Idol” album covers of all time. (We couldn’t decide on just 10…) But a simple flipbook compiling the CD covers isn’t enough for us. We decided to take it one (frightening) step further…

As a deliciously deranged bonus, I posed as each “Idol” singer, trying my best to recapture the “magic” in my own portrait. So without further ado, MTV News gives you:

The 11 Most Insane “Idol” Album Covers Of All Time, Starring Jim Cantiello!

[Note: numbers 11-7 will debut tonight. 6-1 will be revealed tomorrow.]

Concept and Photoshop credit goes to Sohyung Kang. Hot diggity, she’s good. So good, in fact, that 19 should consider hiring her to as their resident Photoshop guru. Am I right?
See you in your nightmares, kids!

What do you think of Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” cover? How does it stack up to the previous “Idol” alum’s album artwork? And how frightening am I in these “Idol” CD recreations??